Northgate Minerals Corporation / Matachewan First Nation

Northgate Minerals Corp working with Matachewan First Nation

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– November 2005, Northgate Minerals begins consulting with Matachewan First Nation before the company actually acquires the Young Davidson property.
– Wabun Tribal Council is actively involved in the negotiations and relationship building between Matachewan First Nation and Northgate Minerals Corp.
– Northgate Minerals Corp hires a local community member to the position of Partnership Coordinator to work with the company and the First Nation.
– March 25, 2008 Northgate Minerals Corp. and Matachewan First Nation sign Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU), which sets an agenda for conducting negotiations leading to an Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA).
– 2008, as part of the new MOU, a Mining Coordinator position is created for the First Nation.
– February 2009, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) announces three year partnership strategy to create the Matachewan Aboriginal Access to mining jobs Training Strategy (MAATS), a four million dollar strategy in partnership with Northgate Minerals Corp, Wabun First Nations, Wabun Tribal Council and the Ontario government.
– July 14, 2009, Northgate Minerals Corp and Matachewan First Nation sign an Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA), to outline cooperative initiatives on the creation of employment, training and business opportunities concerning the development of the Young Davidson Mine.
– March 4, 2010, Construction startup of the Young Davidson Mine is announced at a major event featuring dignitaries from government, Northgate Minerals Corporation and First Nation leadership.