Resource Development Power Projects With Wabun First Nations

Power Projects and Wabun First Nations

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– 2002 Wabun Tribal Council begins work with the province of Ontario on the Waterpower Release Strategy to take part in the development of a new waterpower policy.
– 2004 new policy established, requiring that any potential waterpower developer must contact First Nations whenever development will affect First Nation territories.
– February 2005, Wabun Tribal Council begins working with Chapleau Ojibwe FN and Brunswick House FN to develop a working relationship with Hydromega Services Inc.
– September 2005, the Mininstry of Natural Resources awards Hydromega the opportunity to develop waterpower facilities on the Kapuskasing River.
– September 2005, Hydromega becomes the first applicant to be awarded the opportunity for waterpower development under the MNR site release process.
– February 15 2007, Chapleau Ojibwe FN and Brunswick House FN sign an Agreement In Principal (AIP) with Hydromega Services Inc. which allows for the formation of a formal business partnership to develop major power projects.  The partnership will create multi million dollar waterpower projects and power houses on the Kapuskasing River.


– 2008 Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) signed by Chapleau Ojibwe FN and Brunswick House FN with M & L Waste Management Inc. regarding the development of a multi million dollar Biomass Power Project in the town of Chapleau.
– The Chapleau Biomass Project is planned as a ten Megawatt (10 MW) power plant using wood-fibre biomass as the primary feedstock. The system will be based on gasification of the feedstock to produce a synthetic gas that will be used as fuel to generate electricity that will be sold to the provincial grid.